S. Korea to allow up to 30 biz people each time to Ukraine on exceptions for reconstruction projects

South Korea has decided to allow up to 30 businesspeople to visit Ukraine each time for potential projects for reconstruction and recovery under special travel exceptions, officials and industry sources familiar with the matter said Sunday.

Seoul has expressed its intent to actively participate in helping to rebuild the war-torn country in the wake of the war with Russia, with the business community in infrastructure and other sectors also aligning with the move.

Earlier this month, officials said the government was planning to allow businesspeople to enter Ukraine for reconstruction projects by giving exceptions to the travel ban placed on the country since February last year.

Under the detailed plans, the government will place a cap on the number of traveling businesspeople at no more than 30, with the length of their stay to be limited to two weeks per trip, the sources said.

They will be traveling under "exceptional use of passports" under the Korean law, and the foreign ministry is receiving applications from businesspeople starting this month.

If the number of applicants exceeds the limit, they will be asked to adjust the time of their departure to keep the number of travelers under the quota.

With the specific guidelines set for the travel exception to Ukraine, many Korean companies are expected to visit the country to explore opportunities in participating in potential reconstruction projects.

Construction and infrastructure companies and those in utility and energy sectors have shown interest in the reconstruction.

At the government level, a delegation led by Land Minister Won Hee-ryong plans to visit Ukraine later this month for discussions on the rebuilding project with officials in Kyiv.

Separately, the industry ministry is organizing a delegation of its own, consisting of energy and plant companies, with a plan to visit Ukraine in October.

Such efforts are accelerating after President Yoon Suk Yeol made a surprise visit to Ukraine in July and promised to provide a package of security, humanitarian and reconstruction assistance.

Source: Yonhap News Agency