About Us

Cambodia Tribune is a website that acts as an information bank in which news and press releases from various sources are updated regularly.  The information is associated with Cambodia and features national news, business news, technological news, and other news coverage.

The coverage of news on the website is divided into categories of business and finance, politics, aviation, human rights, information technology, media science, medical and healthcare, energy and power, entertainment, food, and beverage, and many more topics from local and international sources.  This is a medium through which editors and journalists of the mainstream media are attracted.

Cambodia Tribune has an attractive and user-friendly interface through which visitors can register and subscribe to the news releases.  Social media links such as Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Twitter are used to provide connectivity for visitors.  The website also includes features such as RSS Feeds and Newsletter subscription which bonds the clients and establishes a fruitful relationship for both the parties.  This makes the extraction of information convenient for the visitors.  Prompt notification of updates is provided to the subscribers as soon as the information is updated on the web.  Besides this, the visitors can also submit news and other information easily.