(LEAD) Trainee doctors set to file complaint against vice health minister for alleged abuse of power

More than 1,300 trainee doctors were set to file a complaint against Second Vice Health Minister Park Min-soo for alleged abuse of power, one of the junior doctors said Monday, as their mass walkout has disrupted public health services for nearly eight weeks. A total of 1,360 trainee doctors will ask the Corruption Investigation Office for High-ranking Officials to investigate Park, accusing him of abusing power and interfering with the exercise of their rights, Jung Geun-young, a former representative of junior doctors at Cha University Bundang Medical Center, told reporters. The health ministry has ordered trainee doctors, who left their worksites on Feb. 20 after submitting resignations en masse in protest of the government's plan to hike the number of medical students, to return to work. Hospitals have not accepted their resignations. "The government has abused its power to ban hospitals from processing junior doctors' resignations, and issued return-to-work orders to make young doctors work against their will," Jung said. Jung pointed out that the government has obstructed the exercise of rights guaranteed by the Constitution, including their freedom to choose jobs and not engage in forced labor. "We demand a prompt dismissal of Second Vice Health Minister Park Min-soo," Jung said. "Park has led the misguided policies, neglected the rights of the people and disrupted the constitutional order during the process." Jung also said trainee doctors won't return to works unless the government sacks Park The complaint will be filed later in the day. Source: Yonhap News Agency