Ex-PPP member attends police questioning for receiving donations via YouTube

An unsuccessful candidate in last week's parliamentary elections appeared before police Monday for questioning on charges of receiving political donations through payments via a YouTube broadcast last year. Jang Ye-chan, a former ruling People Power Party (PPP) member who quit the party and ran as an independent, has been accused of accepting payments through YouTube's Super Chat function during live streaming in August in violation of the Political Funds Act. Viewers sent as little as 2,000 won (US$1.45) and up to 100,000 won. The National Election Commission views that profit-making from YouTube could conflict with a relevant law that prohibits earning political donations from outside the support funds registered with the election watchdog. Jang was selected as the PPP candidate for the Suyeong district in the southeastern port city of Busan before his nomination was canceled after criticism arose over his past comments. He ended up receiving only 9.18 percent of the vote. Source: Yonhap News Agency