Cambodia to Deepen Bilateral and Multilateral Relations with Romania

The Kingdom of Cambodia and the Republic of Romania have agreed to deepen bilateral and multilateral relations for their mutual interest. The agreement was made during the meeting here on May 17 between H.E. Ms. PHEN Savny, Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and H.E. Ms. Cristina Romila, Ambassador of the Republic of Romania to the Kingdom of Cambodia with residence in Hanoi. H.E. Under Secretary of State noted with satisfaction the good friendship and cooperation between both countries over the past years, while H.E. Ms. Cristina Romila highlighted the positive outcome of the two previous bilateral consultations between Cambodia and Romania as well as the recent achievements on bilateral relations. Both sides reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening bilateral and multilateral relations, emphasising their shared goals and collaborative efforts in various fields specifically in the field of education. This renewed dedication to partnership will un doubtedly pave the way for even greater mutual benefits and advancements to benefits both countries and peoples in the future. Earlier on the same day, H.E. Ms. PHEN Savny also received a call by H.E. Pedro Zwahlen, Ambassador of the Swiss Confederaion to the Kingdom of Cambodia with residence in Bangkok. During the cordial meeting, H.E. Ms. Phen Savny expressed her deep thanks to the Swiss Confederation for its invaluable assistance to Cambodia and its close cooperation over the years, while contributing to invaluable work made to Kantha Bopha Hospital for Cambodian children and women. H.E. Pedro ZWAHLEN noted with satisfaction the continued partnerships between both countries in various sectors including health. Both sides reaffirmed their commitments to further strengthen the bilateral relations and cooperation between the two countries as well as within the international frameworks. Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse