The deadly firework warehouse explosion in Mundok in Southern Thailand yesterday also caused several homes on the Malaysian border to suffer damage.

A resident of Kampung Bukit Lata, Rantau Panjang, near here, Syed Kamaruddin Syed Mohd Othman, 52, said the 3.45 pm incident resulted in him having to bear a huge loss after his house was damaged.

“It was a powerful blast and my house walls cracked, the ceiling collapsed and the windows broke.

“I was with four other family members when it happened. It felt like the explosion happened right on top of the house,” he said when met by reporters at his residence here today.

Syed Kamaruddin said the family then rushed out to find out what had just taken place.

“We inquired with those on the other side (Mundok) as my house is situated only about 50 metres from Sungai Golok (Mundok). They told me an explosion just happened at the firework warehouse,” he said.

Syed Kamaruddin said smoke from the explosion had also entered his home.

“Alhamdulillah, we suffered no injuries, but still I have to cough up about RM15,000 for repairs as a result of the explosion,” he said.

As for Syed Ismail Syed Mohamad, his afternoon nap was cut short by the explosion. He rushed out only to find the roof missing and the windows shattered.

“There had been bomb explosions before this on that side, but not as powerful as this one. My first inclination was that there has been another bomb blast there. The damage to the house has set me back by at least RM10,000.

Another villager, Razak Che Wan, 62, said he was on the riverbank on the Thai side when the explosion hit.

“It was so powerful I fell off my boat and I immediately thought we had been struck by an earthquake.

According to media reports, 12 people have been confirmed dead, 121 injured and almost 300 homes damaged as a result of the explosion.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency