TELOK PANGLIMA GARANG, The Rahmah Sales at Segi Fresh Supermarket here truly bring joy and satisfaction to consumers, because they can buy quality essentials at low prices.

Therefore, it is not a surprise that the majority of consumers express hope that the Rahmah Sales will continue from time to time.

Housewife Rosyatimah Mursidi, 60, is of the view that the initiative taken by the government, through the supermarket, is seen as timely, as people have been burdened by rising prices of goods.

“I was very excited to shop (at Segi) because this Rahmah Sale greatly eased the burden of the community here, especially the B40 group. I could buy daily necessities at very reasonable prices compared with the market price.

“Not only chicken sold at a low price, vegetables, fruit and anchovies are also cheap in this sale. In addition, the items on sale are also very fresh,” she said when met by Bernama at the supermarket.

A security guard, P. Taggam, 50, said that the Rahmah sales cheered up her Deepavali celebration today, as the sale offered great savings on her budget.

“I never thought there would be a Rahmah sale here. We had already budgeted to buy festive (Deepavali) necessities, but now that these items are so much cheaper, we have saved a lot. (So) the balance can be used to buy other necessities.

“This time I was able to buy chicken, fish, vegetables, rice and fruit at very reasonable prices; I am very satisfied. Besides, there are also many items on sale (sufficient stocks),” she said.

Ismail Hashim, 55, a civil servant, described the Rahmah Sale as a platform, which not only offers food at cheap prices, but also of quality.

“Although our purchase is limited, for example to two chickens for each family, it is a good step, so that everyone in the community will have the opportunity to buy.

“I hope other supermarkets will also follow suit and use the same approach to work together on the government’s agenda to ease the burden on the people,” he said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency