Presidential staffer’s private email hacked presumably by N. Korea ahead of Yoon’s visit to Britain

SEOUL, A presidential staffer's private email was hacked presumably by North Korea ahead of President Yoon Suk Yeol's visit to Britain and France last November, his office said Wednesday. The hacking was detected before Yoon embarked on his tour and "necessary measures were taken," the presidential office said in a notice to reporters, noting the office's security system was not subject to the attack. "A violation of security rules resulting from a staffer who used their private email for work was the cause, and security strengthening measures were taken to prevent a recurrence, including an enhancement of security awareness," the office said. A senior presidential official said the hacking was presumed to have been carried out by North Korea, with some news outlets reporting the hacked information contained parts of Yoon's itinerary and remarks for his state visit to Britain. The presidential office said external hacking attacks are a regular occurrence and under constant monitoring. Source: Yonhap Ne ws Agency