The rural entrepreneurs digitalisation programme (PPU) 2023 has surpassed its initial target with 1,247 rural entrepreneurs having participated in the government initiative aimed at enhancing productivity and business management efficiency.

Rural and Regional Development Ministry (KKDW) deputy secretary-general (policy) Datuk Che Murad Sayang Ramjan said with two more events that will take place in Johor and Alor Setar, Kedah, it is expected that the number will increase to 1,953 entrepreneurs that would have participated in the programme.

“Our initial target this year is to train 1,000 entrepreneurs but up to now, in the PPU 4/2023 Series, we have achieved more than 1,200 entrepreneurs, more than the target set.

“If we get more allocation, we can increase the allocation for entrepreneurs in the KKDW ecosystem,” he said in a media briefing after officiating PPU 4/2023 Series today.

Che Murad Sayang said through the programme, KKDW allocated RM1.7 million to intensify the e-commerce and digitalisation programme for rural entrepreneurs under their guidance.

He said PPU was introduced to provide practical courses and training to enable rural entrepreneurs to digitalise their businesses online.

“Through this programme, we will also guide entrepreneurs to market their products based on the latest trend which includes creating content (on products) in TikTok application.

“We will also guide entrepreneurs on how to transition from conventional methods to QR code payment scans and they will also be exposed to how to make calculations on revolving credit by using applications developed by strategic partners,” he added.

PPU initiatives through the Desamall platform are a strategy under the rural development policy.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency