The Perak state government is committed to resolving the issue of a group of illegal agricultural farmers who are conducting unauthorised farming activities on land owned by the Perak State Development Corporation (PKNPk).

In a statement today, its chief executive Datuk Redza Rafiq Abdul Razak refuted claims of violence and forced evictions, adding that the state government, and PKNPk, have actively engaged in a series of negotiations and engagement sessions to address the issue that has persisted for over 11 years.

"Despite allocating over RM700,000 to establish a new area for farming activities, the group rejected the offer," he added.

This follows reports that a group of farmers in the state staged a protest outside the Parliament building in Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday (Sept 12), urging the government to intervene in the state government's plan to convert their farms into industrial and residential zones.

The group, claiming to represent 250 farmers in Perak, said the 1,600-acre area has been cultivated for agricultural purposes for over 80 years.

Redza Rafiq said PKNPk has received memoranda from local residents, including those from Taman Chepor Sentosa here, expressing concerns about recurrent disasters and property damage caused by flash floods resulting from unregulated farming activities in the area.

"Perak is committed to ensuring enough food supply, and it was the first state to launch a Food Security Action Plan to reduce reliance on imported food," he added.

Food security is among the six primary goals of the Prosperous Perak 2030 Plan, which includes various initiatives to strengthen the agriculture sector, including the creation of a Food Security Academy and the development of a halal meat hub.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency