Jamsu Bridge to be transformed into car-free pedestrian bridge by 2026

The Seoul city government said Thursday it will transform Jamsu Bridge, a submersible bridge across the Han River, into a pedestrian bridge off-limits to cars by 2026. The plan, laid out by Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon as part of the Great Han River Project Plan last year, aims to enhance the convenience and attractiveness of the Han River, which flows through the capital, and to improve the quality of life of citizens and the city's urban competitiveness. The city government said Jamsu Bridge, located on the lower level of Banpo Bridge, has great potential as a pedestrian bridge due to its short length and convenient access on foot. Five teams that were selected in the international design contest in November last year will compete to win the final project by coming up with a specific blueprint for the bridge, city officials said. The winner will be announced in May, and the city will select a company in a competitive bid to construct the bridge. The gist of the contest is to come up with a design and blueprin t that enhances the attractiveness of Seoul, and fits the purpose and ambience of Jamsu Bridge to be rebranded as a pedestrian bridge, according to the city government. The new design should also ensure safety between bicycle or personal mobility users and passersby. The city plans to offer a preview of the newly designed pedestrian bridge by holding a virtual reality exhibition during the car-free Jamsu Bridge festival set for May. Source: Yonhap News Agency