At least 2,000 Snares Removed from Protected Wildlife Sanctuaries in First Six Months

At least 2,000 snares were removed from protected wildlife sanctuaries and about 45 wild animals rescued from four wildlife sanctuaries, including Srepok, Phnom Prich, Prek Prasab and Sambo in first six months of this year.

The figures were shared by WWF-Cambodia’s press release issued this morning on the occasion of the World Ranger Day.

In the Mekong Flooded Forest, law enforcement teams also confiscated illegal fishing gear, including 33,000 metres of hook long-line, 35,000 metres of fishing nets, and cracked down on 17 cases of illegal fishing, seizing six motor boats, it continued.

All the achievements cannot made possible without the contribution of rangers, our Frontline Heroes. “Rangers and river guards of the Cambodian Government, with the participation of patrol members of the local communities, have been playing an active role in safeguarding wildlife, forest, fishery resources, as well as conserving cultural patrimonies in protected areas,” underlined the source.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse