APSARA National Authority Restoring 22nd Brick Tower of Bakong Temple

The restoration team from the APSARA National Authority is restoring the structure of the 22nd brick toweer of Bakong Temple, which is dilapidated, the authority said in a news release this afternoon.

Archaeologist and head of the Rolous conservation site of the APSARA National Authority, Mr. Saray Kimhuol, said that the condition of the damage to the 22nd tower of Bakong Temple is facing high risk, so the APSARA National Authority is repairing and strengthening the tower structure to raise the value of the ancient building. He added that the tower's northeast wall had a crack from top to bottom, which could collapse if there is no restoration.

Currently, the team is working to strengthen the brick structure of the wall, which is very corrosive from the bottom to the top, with the technique of sealing the cracks in the wall to prevent water seepage and to strengthen some other related structures using the cable to tie the tower on the outside.

Mr. Saray Kimhuol said that the first stage of the restoration work is to strengthen the structure at high risk, then at other places with subsequent risk. Another task is to clean by removing the small plants that grow on the tower, clearing the soil, then scraping off the moss, and so on.

The APSARA National Authority started to stabilise the structure of the 22nd tower of Bakong Temple in 2019.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse