KUALA LUMPUR, Yayasan Peneraju, a prominent organisation dedicated to empowering individuals in Malaysia, has unveiled a comprehensive rebranding initiative aimed at redefining its mission to meet the urgent need for value creators in Malaysia's evolving socio-economic landscape. With the new tagline 'Make the Change', the rebranding effort also aims to empower individuals to maximise their potential, whether by advancing within established institutions or catalysing entrepreneurial ventures for community betterment. In a statement, Yayasan Peneraju chief executive officer Ibrahim Sani underscores the evolution of the organisation's vision, stating, 'Our nation requires not just individuals who add value; but innovators who can harness our resources to multiply their impact within their communities.' 'We want to make sure that the talents we have can be the best that they can be, to reach the potential that they can reach. And if it means leaving an organisation and starting their enterprises or striving to be better in their community, then so be it,' he said. Yayasan Peneraju's rebranding revolves around three key elements, namely human capital, economic capital, and social capital as the organisation recognises that true societal impact requires a holistic approach, equipping talents with skills, mindset, and resources to drive sustainable change. Moreover, the initiative aims to cultivate a culture of social mobility, enabling talents to surpass limitations and enact meaningful change across all levels of society. Ibrahim concluded that his strategic overhaul transcends superficial changes, saying that 'rebranding isn't merely about changing our logo; it entails reshaping our core ethos and messaging." In alignment with its enhanced mission, Yayasan Peneraju is committed to adapting and leading by example, aiming to inspire positive change across Malaysia and empowering individuals to make a difference. Its new tagline, 'Make the Change' also symbolises its dedication to instigating a transformative shift, propelling individuals from passive value augmentation to active value generation. Source: BERNAMA News Agency