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Systemic vulnerabilities that caused banking and financial crises remain the same today as in previous eras

In the wake of the Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse Global scenarios, Global Telephony Provider has published a detailed article describing the historical causes and durations of such crises, as well as illustrating which structures and methodologies – including use of its own Global Clearing System equivalent – have been proven to provide Systemic Stability and Liquidity, and Safe Havens, during times of Economic and Financial turbulence

LONDON and NEW YORK, March 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Run on Mandel Bank East Side Bank

Systemic vulnerabilities that caused banking and financial crises remain the same today as in previous eras

The current and potentially worsening international liquidity crisis – affecting banks, businesses and people alike due to rising interest rates, costs, inflation and depreciations in currencies’ values – shows no signs of ending or being controlled in the short to medium term.

The causes and effects of this crisis, reverberating through the global financial system, are being widely debated, while all those affected look for indicators of how to assess potential remedies currently and in the future, as well as safe havens or strategies through which to shore-up or protect their current asset bases.

In the wake of the recent Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse scenarios, and the resulting worsening of the global liquidity crisis, Global Telephony Provider and its US subsidiary WM Holdings Inc. have published a wide ranging and detailed article, detailing the historical causes and remedies of crises such as the current one, and also describing a potential safe haven methodology for securing stability and/or liquidity in the current situation.

With hyperlinked text leading to source articles and information on the background, history, phases and duration of such Crises – as well as details on potential sources of stability and liquidity in such periods – the article has now been made available for public access at the url: and its US subsidiary WM Holdings Inc. are the companies that have developed the world’s first proven and fully functional multicurrency Digital Currency / CBDC equivalent, as well as a Global Clearing System – similar in structure to Keynes’ International Clearing Union and Schumacher’s Multilateral Clearing System.

The Global Clearing System itself – and its TUV Digital Currency – are currently being utilized by people and entities worldwide as systemic hedges and a potential safe haven to mitigate the consequences of the current Crisis – including its Systemic Liquidity Shortfalls and its other consequences of Inflation and Currency Depreciation.

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