The smog enveloped Chiang Mai and disappeared throughout the city.

Smog blankets Chiang Mai. Until I could not see the buildings Doi Suthep viewpoint See only the white sky While the people are staying at home.

Smog still covers Chiang Mai. Until I could not see the buildings As for the tourists who hoped to take high-angle shots in Chiang Mai city were disappointed. because if viewed from a high angle on the Doi Suthep viewpoint I could almost see only the cloudy white sky.

The same applies to planes flying from Chiang Mai International Airport. will only hear the sound of the engine can't see the machine I see thick smoke in the city People are staying at home. Chiang Mai municipality had to open a fountain to spray around the moat. to help absorb smog because the PM 2.5 value in the afternoon is still high People still have stinging eyes and nose and are also ranked in the top 3 in the world with poor air quality. .

Source: Thai News Agency