“Thammanat” explains that he is in the foreign service. No shadow working with the People’s Democratic Party.

Parliament, "Thammanat" explains that he will not be working with the People's Democratic Party due to being in foreign service. Reveals that the Prime Minister is not impressed by the trend of overturning Budget Act 67, pushing "Big Pom" to sit as Prime Minister. instead Capt. Thammanat Prompao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives As secretary-general of the Phalang Pracharath Party, he spoke of not appearing at the Phalang Pracharat Party ceremony. That caused questions about his political future with the party because he was on leave from government service abroad. Since Thursday, March 21 and has already taken leave in advance, confirming that there are no issues. Social section Criticized for going to receive the Prime Minister Go to another party. But he didn't go to his own party's event. Capt. Thammanat confirmed that he didn't because there was a meeting of MPs. Party every Wednesday And he visits the area with MPs and former candidates all the time. Therefore, the work of the party does not require sitting in meetings in an air-conditioned room using imagination. It's not their own work because "I'm in the field." How do you look at some media? News headlines about the political game overturning the draft Budget Act for fiscal year 2024 to push Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, leader of the Phalang Pracharat Party. As Prime Minister in place of Mr. Settha Thaweesin, Capt. Thammanat said living abroad Knew the news along with the media and when checking with the party's MP, there was no movement, confirming that the Prime Minister was not impressed and did not ask himself about this matter. As for General Prawit, he inquired about whether or not the news had come out. Capt. Thammanat said he had just returned last night. I haven't met the party leader yet. who met Gen. Prawit The last time was on the day of the party meeting before going to a traveling Cabinet meeting in Phayao Province. As for confirming whether he is still Gen. Prawit's lovely younger brother or not, Capt. Thammanat said, "I am a love ly younger brother to all of you and a lovely older brother to all of you. ' For the news of the Cabinet reshuffle. Capt. Thammanat confirmed that in the ministerial quota of the Phalang Pracharat Party, there is still 1 vacant position, if there are no changes. which is the power of the Prime Minister Probably will support the same person, Mr. Pai Lik, Kamphaeng Phet MP, who is currently in the process of submitting a petition to the Constitutional Court to decide on his qualifications. This is a point that cannot be discussed. But it's not serious. and thought he would come down soon, confirmed there would be no substitutions This is something that the party leader has always insisted on. Meanwhile, there were no changes to other ministers of the party. As for whether it will be considered a signal to fine the Cabinet or not, Capt. Thammanat confirmed that it is the power of the Prime Minister. To adjust or not to adjust? Unable to know We, as a coalition government party, follow the policy. He talked abo ut the ministry's policies without any politics. Source: Thai News Agency