“Thaksin” enters the area tomorrow without any political implications.

Parliament, "Puangphet" confirms that "Thaksin" will join the Pheu Thai Party on 26 Mar. to meet MPs, as visiting them at their homes may be inconvenient. Emphasizes that there is no political meaning. Anyone who is free can go to Chiang Mai for Songkran. Mrs. Puangpetch Chunlaid, Minister attached to the Prime Minister's Office As the leader of the Pheu Thai Party Revealing the case of Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister, joining the Pheu Thai Party. tomorrow (26 March) that because many MPs want to meet Mr. Thaksin which can be a little difficult to find at the residence But Mr. Thaksin's visit to the party is considered to be stopping by to see and visit MPs. There are no political issues. As for the observation that there were many prime ministers in the party, Mrs. Puangphet said that there was only one prime minister and that he had complete authority. But Mr. Thaksin's style may come as an adviser because he is considered a former prime minister. If anyone would like to consult on any aspe ct that is beneficial to the country. Mr. Thaksin was pleased. When asked again whether Mr. Thaksin had stated whether he would join the party more often or not, Mrs. Puangphet thought that initially he might be coming this time for the first time. It probably depends on the next opportunity. When many people want to meet and can't find each other, they will probably find an opportunity to meet each other. When asked about the Songkran festival MPs will go up to meet and bless Mr. Thaksin. In Chiang Mai Province or not, Mrs. Puangphet said that if it was a holiday, it would not be an obstacle. Because it is considered that everyone may go out to splash water or go wish Songkran. 'It's normal. There is no right to ban MPs. Because everyone has the right to go play in the water. If Pheu Thai Party MPs do not have a mission, they can go to see them. Because the party didn't force it. If you want to meet, you can go and meet,' Mrs. Puangphet said. Source: Thai News Agency