KANGAR, The Thai government's decision to temporarily exempt foreigners from submitting Form TM.6 when entering and exiting the country can indirectly benefit the tourism sector in Perlis, according to a state executive councillor. Izizam Ibrahim, who is in charge of border relations and cooperation, said this measure would reduce congestion at Thailand's immigration checkpoints, thereby facilitating the movement of foreign tourists from Thailand to Malaysia through the Perlis border. He said Perlis would monitor the situation over the next month to assess the impact of the temporary waiver of Form TM.6 from April 15 to Oct 15 on tourism in Perlis. "There are positives and negatives. On the negative side, Malaysians may flock there; on the positive side, the outbound movement from Thailand through Perlis may increase. Maybe they will stop in Perlis, which is an advantage for us," he told Bernama. On April 9, the Thai government's deputy spokesman, Karom Phonphonklang, was quoted as saying that the Form TM .6 waiver was aimed at easing congestion at immigration checkpoints and boosting tourism. Form TM.6 is a document used to collect information about foreign visitors for inspection and monitoring purposes to maintain national security. Izizam said that the state government could benefit from Thailand's decision by intensifying promotions of tourist destinations in Perlis to attract the interest of foreigners from the neighbouring country to visit the state. "Our state government should take advantage of the opportunities available. Wherever there is room for cooperation with them (Thai government), we will cooperate," he said, adding that the Perlis state government intends to establish a special committee on Malaysia-Thailand tourism. Izizam said they were working out a framework for discussions with the Thai government to explore areas of cooperation in establishing the special committee. Meanwhile, Dr Ammar Hassan, the Perlis Entrepreneurs and Tourism Club (KUPPs) chairman, supported the measure, stati ng that it would facilitate the outbound travel of foreign tourists from Thailand to Malaysia through the state border. "I agree with this move because it can reduce congestion, especially on weekends, school holidays and festive seasons," he said. Source: BERNAMA News Agency