Spokesperson for the Ministry of Defense explains photos of conscripts chained up and orders the Army to investigate further.

Defense, Defense spokesman explains photo of conscripted soldier being chained. It is a group of people with inappropriate behavior - people who have been convicted. Sent for treatment at Phramongkutklao Hospital. Ready for the Army to take additional exams. Rear Admiral Thanitphong Sirisawetsak Ministry of Defense Spokesperson Clarifying the case of a Facebook page publishing images of regular military personnel tied in chains. Practice jumping jacks. From the preliminary examination, it is found that It is a picture of the Royal Guards Company. Phramongkutklao Hospital It is expected that this is a general punishment for military personnel who behave inappropriately. After releasing leave and returned to the unit The other part will be the accused or the inmates of the hospital. and of various units sent to receive medical treatment including providing medical treatment according to the doctor's orders to the accused or a convicted person who is sick and control the accused to appear in court or undergo investigation at a later time. The Ministry of Defence It has been given to the Royal Thai Army to examine additional details and proceed with further clarification Source: Thai News Agency