Senator asks the government who is attacking and extracting digital money.

Parliament, "Senator Chalermchai" slams digital wallet policy, has no source of money, postponed and postponed again, predicts the Prime Minister will walk out of the meeting room. The Election Commission said it was not up to par and still allowed it to pass. Neglecting duty Let's talk at NACC. Ask "Julphan" who hit him in the head? Meeting of the Senate (Senate), agenda for general government discussion according to Section 153, Mr. Chalermchai Fueangkon, Senator, got up to discuss the digital wallet policy. As Mr. Chalermchai began to discuss, he saw Capt. Thammanat Phromphao. Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Enter the conference room So I immediately asked, Land ownership policy will be implemented through the ALRO project. Yes, the Ministry of Agriculture I just clicked off the deed transfer. Now I don't know how many copies have been distributed. 'It stumbled upon Nakhon Ratchasima. Overlapping at Khao Yai National Park and showing signs of corruption, which conflicts with the National Parks Department. Ministers have been seen coming out to fully support the ALRO. After that, the attitude changed. I don't know what the pressure is. Besides, reviving the fishing industry. By amending the law, how will it be resolved? Both the Prime Minister and Capt. Thammanat went to the area to tell Samut Sakhon villagers. Samut Songkhram,' Mr. Chalermchai said. Mr. Chalermchai said that this matter is commonly spoken among households that the Prime Minister named Settha will lead Thai people to become millionaires. Turn off the switch of the Senate. Turn off the switch of 3 P. Pheu Thai to become the government of Thailand. Change immediately. Thai people have food to eat, honor, and dignity. It still resonates in the ears of Thai people all over the country and says, 'The leader of the Pheu Thai Party said it How are Thai people now? Thailand now has household debt of 92% of GDP, or approximately 6.2 trillion baht. I would like to ask the Prime Minister how he will fix this.' After that, Mr. Chalermchai dis cussed the digital wallet policy that according to the Constitution in the Act on Political Parties. Requires a political accountability mechanism that does not analyze impacts. Which policy requires spending money as advertised for that policy? At least there must be details of the required amount. and the source of the money Worthiness, impacts and risks in all aspects. 'Facts about this policy From a detailed document published by the Election Commission (EC), it is stated that the Pheu Thai Party, the lead party that formed the government, has announced a policy to stimulate the economy through digital wallets. that money will be distributed to approximately 56 million Thai people aged 16 years and over, amounting to approximately 560 billion baht, using the expenditure budget for the year 2024,' Mr. Chalermchai said. Reporters reported that While Mr. Chalermchai said The Prime Minister got up and left the conference room. Make Mr. Chalermchai Said in an emotional manner: 'Please listen to me. Don't let the minister just listen to me. You must listen to me. If the Prime Minister doesn't sit and listen, he doesn't call the Cabinet. The Cabinet under Section 158 consists of the Prime Minister and ministers. Therefore, the Cabinet must include the Prime Minister. It's okay if you go out. When you come back, I'll forgive you." Mr. Chalermchai said that the Prime Minister announced at every forum that he would not borrow money. But what now? Still don't know where to go. He noted that the policy for distributing digital money is in the nature of a promise. 'Putting two thousand in an envelope is still wrong. This is a blatant campaign campaign. It may violate the Election Act, Section 73(1), which prohibits any candidate from offering or promise to give or preparing to give property or any other benefits It is punishable by one to 10 years in prison, a fine of 20,000 to 200,000, and 20 years of revocation of rights.' Mr. Chalermchai said that the Election Commission said it could be done. Because spending money from the budget During the establishment of the government It has been stated that this policy will act as a shock to the country's economy. It creates career opportunities. Expand product production business There will be many more rounds of employment and economic job rotation. It is preparing the country to enter the modern economy. and issued a policy statement on September 11, 2023, but did not clarify the source of income that will be used to pay for the implementation of the digital top-up policy. 'I noted whether it would be a violation of Section 162 of the 2017 Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand, which stipulates that the Cabinet that will take over government affairs must state its policy to the National Assembly. and must clarify the source of income that will be used to pay for policy implementation. without a vote of confidence I looked at the policy statement. There are 42 pages. I don't know if some are missing or not. The 42 pages don't say where the money comes from like in campaign ad vertisements. And Prime Minister Settha didn't say anything other than the policy statement. The Prime Minister gave a press conference citing the economic crisis. whose conditions have changed causing the need to borrow money But it is still unclear which agency will be responsible. When campaigning, they said they would use the 2024 budget to form a government. They told me to ask for a loan. It is an indication that the campaign is not prepared. No responsibility Just let the villagers choose,' Mr. Chalermchai said. Mr. Chalermchai said that the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) said that campaigning like this will continue to be the norm for political parties. He therefore would like to verbally allege that the Election Commission's use of its discretion in digital policy, saying it can do so, violates Section 162 of the Constitution or not. If it fails, it is an intentional use of power and authority that violates the Constitution or a serious violation of ethical standards. "NACC, did you tur n on the television and watch it? If you did, please let me know that I have already accused you. When the Election Commission said you could do it, go talk to the NACC. The Governor of the Bank of Thailand also said that The economic problem is not yet a crisis. Just slow down. The Prime Minister postponed it indefinitely, postponed it, postponed it again, postponed it further. Mr. Chulaphan Amornwiwat, Assistant Minister, sitting here said that he would definitely give it out. But I don't know when. Because there are people waiting to attack you. I asked whether it was true or not. If we didn't distribute it, it would be ruinous because it was a policy that a person named Settha Thaweesin, loud and clear, campaigned for. If you can't do it, accept it with the people. So that you won't go to jail for bigots," Mr. Chalermchai said. Source: Thai News Agency