Rice Firm Collaborates with Dutch Stakeholders for Sustainable Agriculture Development

Rice miller and exporter Amru Rice (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. and buyers, representative from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, development partners, and donors held here earlier this week a discussion on the promotion of organic agriculture, rice and sustainable agriculture practice in Mondulkiri province.

“Through the collaboration project, Amru Rice with the help of the Dutch government and stakeholders will create employment opportunities for farmers in remote areas, provide them access to good value markets from organic farming, and adhere to social and environmental practices that ensure the storage and quality of rice,” the firm said.

Mondulkiri, located in the northeastern region of Cambodia, is known for its rich biodiversity and fertile lands. However, the region faces various challenges that hinder its agricultural potential, including limited access to modern farming practices and insufficient resources for farmers.

In an effort to address these challenges and create a positive impact, this implementation of organic agriculture, especially rice and sustainable agriculture practice will serve as the long-term intervention strategy to tackle this aspect.

Amru Rice and the Dutch stakeholders share a common vision of promoting organic agriculture, especially rice and sustainable agriculture practice that does not only benefit farmers, but also contributes to global food security and environmental conservation.

Amru Rice, with a decade of development in the rice sector as a leading organic rice exporter, has been promoting sustainable and resilient agriculture through its organic farming value chain.

By working with almost 20,000 smallholder farmers to produce organic rice since 2013, the firm has been paving way for farmers to adapt to the eco-friendly rice farming technique without the use of synthetic pesticide and fertiliser.

This approach has not only helped to protect the environment but has also improved livelihoods of farmers.

Cambodia exported 176,581 tonnes of milled rice in the first quarter of 2023, up 3.5 percent from 170,539 tonnes in the same period last year, earning US$126 million in revenue, said the Cambodia Rice Federation’s report.

Exported milled rice varieties included premium aromatic rice, fragrant rice, long grain white rice, parboiled rice, and organic rice, it pointed out.

Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse