SUBANG JAYA, The trendy outdoor 'camping mode' became Rapid KL's concept in organising an iftar with 400 of its social media followers at the Putra Heights LRT station here which was turned into a 'campsite' for the fete. Rapid Rail chief executive officer Amir Hamdan said the concept was to ensure that the participants get the best and most comfortable facilities such as toilets, prayer rooms and train facilities without having to crowd near the roads. 'Like two years ago, we organised an iftar programme at Dataran Merdeka with an open-air concept, but as soon as we broke the fast, it started raining. So, for this year we decided to do it here besides providing convenience for the participants. 'A total of 4,000 people registered to participate in the iftar programme but we only selected 400 people at random,' he told Bernama during the joint iftar ceremony with Rapid KL, which was also attended by the division head of Prasarana Communications and Stakeholder Relations Department, Adli Abdul Karim. An i ftar participant, Nur Azlin Bahari, 24, said she and her friends were excited to break the fast together with this 'camping concept' after not seeing each other for a long time. 'I got to know about this event from TikTok, so I invited friends who have not seen each other for a long time to join it,' she said. Fatin Suhailah, 24, said this was the first iftar programme she attended after the 21st of Ramadan. 'Before this, I always followed the development and activities of Rapid KL on social media, and when I found out there was an iftar with this camping concept, I immediately invited my friends to register,' she said. Source: BERNAMA News Agency