The public has lauded the government's decision to enable the renewal of driving licence for a maximum period of 10 years, with many citing it as convenient.

Entrepreneur Suriani Hassan, 36, said the longer period of licence validity comes in handy to her as she travels frequently for business purposes.

"I am always travelling to different states to sell my beauty products, and I have very little time to tend to my personal affairs.

"With 10 years compared to the current five-year limit, I no longer have to worry so much about forgetting to renew my licence. I just have to set a calendar reminder a decade in advance," she told Bernama when contacted today.

Marketing executive Soo Wai Hin, 30, welcomed the extended licence validity but said the government should require motorists to periodically update their photo in the licence.

"I've seen many people, even my friends, whose face does not match that in the licence photo," he said.

Meanwhile, 26-year-old Lily Ramasamy appreciated the special permission to renew driving licence without having to resit the driving test.

"I had just returned to the country from tertiary studies in the United Kingdom and my driving licence had already expired four years ago. I am relieved I don't have to spend so much and go through the hassle of retaking driving classes," she said.

Earlier today, Transport Minister Anthony Loke said that beginning May 8, Malaysian citizens can renew their driving licence for up to 10 years compared to the current five-year limit.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency