Police begin probe into mass resignations of trainee doctors

Police have begun an investigation into key officials of two doctors' associations over possible legal violations related to the ongoing strike by trainee doctors, Seoul's police chief said Monday. Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Commissioner Cho Ji-ho told reporters that key officials of the Korea Medical Association (KMA) and leaders of the Korea Intern Resident Association (KIRA) will come under police investigation. Cho's remarks came after a civic group filed a complaint last Wednesday against trainee doctors, who collectively resigned over the planned hike in medical school enrollment quotas, and leaders of the two medical associations. The police were asked to investigate Kim Taek-woo, chief of the KMA's emergency committee, a number of ranking KMA officials, and Park Dan, the head of the KIRA, on eight counts of charges, including violation of the medical law, threats and coercion. The Seoul police agency said it was also investigating a suspected obstruction of business case in connection with a recent post on an internet community of doctors and medical students that urges trainee doctors to delete hospitals' patient data before resigning. The agency also said it will sternly crack down on any illegal acts during a large-scale rally of doctors slated for Sunday. Source: Yonhap News Agency