Point out that “Thaksin” joined the Pheu Thai Party. Not breaking the conditions Probation Department

House, "Somsak" points out that "Thaksin" entered the Pheu Thai Party office. Not breaking the conditions Probation Department I don't want to compare popular trends with advances. Hopeland slides into setting up a one-party government like the Thaksin era. Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin, Deputy Prime Minister, mentioned the news that Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former Prime Minister will travel to the Pheu Thai Party office Tomorrow (March 26, 2024), which may be criticized for party domination. which is punishable by the dissolution of the party. How will it be dominated? Because after Mr. Thaksin Coming out of the hospital is like being a normal person. You don't have to be detained. and did not violate the conditions of the Probation Department can do everything Give advice and give advice or talk can do it all When you can do this, you don't violate any conditions. Because there are no written prohibitions for people who are on probation. during the sentence Mr. Thaksin followed the rules. As for the trip to the P heu Thai Party which is a political party Difficult to separate Regarding the connection, Mr. Somsak said that there were no prohibitions. If it is a person who is fleeing a lawsuit or there has been a court judgment To be punished for anything If we were ministers Going to talk with this person may involve disciplinary matters. But this is not the case. because that period has passed There are no problems at all. And the party is not concerned about this issue. There aren't any prohibitions, there aren't any laws. However, if someone goes to complain, are they sure they can explain it or not? Mr. Somsak said that no one would go and complain. Because there is no fault If it is a prisoner who escaped Then a minister went to talk. You may be subject to a complaint about discipline. But in this case there is no fault. When asked about Mr. Thaksin's movement now Is it considered that the illness has disappeared 100%? Mr. Somsak stated that how can people over 70 years old be strong? I'm the only one who's stro ng and can kick a ball. When asked about the case of Mrs. Amarat Chokpamitkul or Jeab, former MP of the Progressive Party, came out to state that Mr. Thaksin probably was considerate of the doctor who certified that he was sick. Which is a condition of the suspended sentence, Mr. Somsak said he didn't know, maybe he was jealous. People who are ministers may go to seek advice, although there is no law prohibiting it. But people may think about the matter of suitability. Mr. Somsak said that it was okay. He asked and answered, but personally he thought it was appropriate. For example, he would go and ask for advice about the work he was responsible for. As for the movement of Mr. Thaksin Do you think it is a drag on the government's popularity or not? Mr. Somsak said: No, on the contrary, the government's popularity has improved. Wherever he goes, he will always say that People who founded various agencies which he has already supervised 'Be confident that whatever you do will not violate the conditions. Eve ryone knows that Mr. Thaksin has benefited the country. and has been popular for a long time and more than any other politician and currently various political parties As you can see, they are all smaller. It started out big. and will become smaller over time. Therefore, political administration or doing something that meets the needs of the people I am confident that Mr. Thaksin will do well. and is confident that he will be a good advisor to all ministers and sees that Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance I'm happy to consult with Mr. Thaksin. Because we saw that it was beneficial,' Mr. Somsak said. When asked about the case when Nida Poll revealed the latest popularity survey results that Pheu Thai Party has a falling popularity rating. Mr. Somsak said, "Let's keep watching." At election time, people will all run in to help the Pheu Thai Party. and during the election MPs will compete to join the Pheu Thai Party again. The part is related to the case where there is news that there will be a dissolution of the Kaewklai Party. This may cause Kaew Klai members to break up and run in to apply for membership in the Pheu Thai Party. Mr. Somsak stated that it is not relevant. He does not yet know whether the Kaew Klai Party will be dissolved or not. However, he does not know if the Kaew Klai Party is dissolved. Is the Pheu Thai Party ready to embrace it or not? Because it cannot speak for the party. You have to wait and see if it collapses or not. In this regard, the entry of Mr. Thaksin Will it be able to make the Pheu Thai Party gain popular votes and lead the party forward? Mr. Somsak said: Don't compare with other political parties. Because other political parties have never worked. Therefore, he can speak from every angle. Moreover, he does not know that in the future there is a chance that Mr. Thaksin Will he take full control of the Pheu Thai Party or not? Because he is not a party executive But I'm glad that Mr. Thaksin I'm going to give advice. and talk with party members As for wh ether or not he is worried that the opposition will hold a no-confidence debate under Section 152 in the case of Mr. Thaksin, Mr. Somsak said that the opposition debate under Section 152 did not result in a resolution. When there is no resolution What are you going to do? And the discussion of senators or senators did not come to a resolution. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about. Ask and answer, as if it were a suggestion. Whatever is good, the government accepts. When asked if there was no resolution But it might allow people to know another side of the government. Mr. Somsak said that it is very good because today we have to reveal it. You can't hide it or hide it. There must be a good reason. Revelation is the best. Not disclosing is the worst. As for whether he is confident that when Mr. Thaksin returns, the popularity of the Pheu Thai Kerd Land Party will slide in the next election, Mr. Somsak said that he thinks it will be better, but how good will it be? Please wait and see. Because if you spe ak first, it will put pressure on you, which is not good, and put pressure on yourself. while the Pheu Thai Party Will there be a chance of a one-party government like in the Thaksin era? Mr. Somsak said He wanted it that way. But whether it can be done or not, we have to look at the current work. When asked about the current election Will Mr. Thaksin's movement play a role in the election of the Provincial Administrative Organization or Provincial Administrative Organization or not? Mr. Somsak said: Do not connect them. Each party must have its own people. As for the Pheu Thai Party, there are people who want to run, so please wait and see. Source: Thai News Agency