One of the suspects behind Pattaya murder referred to prosecution

One of three suspects in the murder of a South Korean tourist in Pattaya, Thailand, was referred to prosecutors on Wednesday for further investigation and potential indictment. The suspect in his 20s was apprehended in the southern city of Jeongeup earlier this month in connection with the murder of a South Korean traveler in his 30s and the abandonment of his body in Pattaya in early May. Thai police earlier found the victim's body inside a black plastic container filled with cement from a reservoir in the Thai city. The Gyeongnam Provincial Police Agency raised charges of robbery, murder and corpse abandonment as it transferred the custody of the suspect to the prosecution for further investigation and potential indictment. Thai media have reported that the local police are suspecting money as the motive for the crime on the grounds that money had been withdrawn from the victim's financial account twice. Last week, another of the three suspects was nabbed by police in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and the Sou th Korean police were negotiating with the Thai police to secure his extradition. A manhunt was also continuing for the last suspect who remains at large. Source: Yonhap News Agency