NEC Calls on a Political Party to Stop Illegal Actions

The National Election Committee (NEC) has noticed that one political party not registered for the 5th Senate Election threatened its commune/Sangkat councilors, electors, to vote for this or that political party. This results in violation of voting right, secrecy of the election and loss of trust in the election, NEC underlined in a statement released this afternoon. Obviously, it continued, Article 71 of the Law on the Election of Members of the National Assembly applied in the Election of Members of the Senate, states that "... All political parties, candidates or supporters shall not threaten, intimidate and entice anyone to affix thumbprint, swear or promise to vote for any political party...." NEC calls on that political party to stop its illegal actions immediately so that the election campaign can be conducted smoothly and the election can also be organised successfully, said the statement, adding that NEC will take legal action in case of the party's subsequent illegal actions. Eventually, secrecy of the election is a principle of democracy. Cambodia is conducting the campaign of the Election of Members of the Senate, 5th legislature, from Feb. 10 to 23. According to NEC, to date, the election campaign has run smoothly. The political parties that have registered their candidates running for the election freely conducted the campaigns as per its respective programmes and capabilities. The Election Commissions at all levels together with the competent authorities provided facilitation, security and safety to political parties to conduct election campaigns in accordance with laws, regulations and procedures for elections. A total of 11,747 eligible voters, including 125 members (17 female) of the National Assembly and 11,622 commune/Sangkat councillors (2,568 female), will go to the polls on Feb. 25. Source: Agence Kampuchea Presse