“Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Energy” reiterate that national resources will not be exchanged for territory.

Parliament, "Minister of Foreign Affairs - Minister of Energy" confirms the issue of overlapping areas in the Gulf of Thailand between Thailand and Cambodia. Must negotiate with national interests Emphasize that national resources will not be exchanged for territory. Mr. Panpree Phitthanukorn, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Explain to the Senate meeting In the general discussion, the government under the Constitution, Section 153, talks about overlapping areas in the Gulf of Thailand between Thailand and Cambodia, which is a public administration problem regarding energy. According to the Prime Minister's interview on February 14, 2024, he stated that the problem of overlapping maritime areas It has been going on for a long time, since 1970 until Thailand and Cambodia were unable to agree on a continental shelf zone. Cambodia defined the continental shelf in 1972 and Thailand in 1973, which did not match. Later in 2001, MOU44 was signed between the Thai and Cambodian governments with a joint committee. In 2014, the previous government has approved negotiations based on MOU44, but negotiations have not been completed and that long Because the content of negotiations is complex and sensitive, including internal political problems. and between countries because it is related to territory and national interest, and at present there is no technical committee to consider the implementation of the MOU whether it will continue or not. But I personally insist that the negotiations must be negotiated in parallel with issues of national interest. But initially, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Still do not have decision-making power or giving opinions because of the committee He has not yet been appointed by the Cabinet. Mr. Panpree also emphasized that The government confirms the main sea zone The line passes through Thap Koh Kood. Because of the confirmation letter between Krung Siam with France Clearly stated that French government Agreed to cede the territory of Dan Sai city and Trat city and al l islands from Laem Sing. Until Koh Kood was given to the capital of Siam, therefore, Koh Kood must definitely belong to Thailand. and the division of the continental shelf It must be clearly done. on an appropriate negotiation framework Mr. Panpree also gave confidence that treason Violating that sovereignty It definitely won't happen because the government has equal patriotism. No one thinks of leading the nation. or the land will be given to anyone at all and various negotiation processes when completed The matter must be approved by Parliament again. If there is an incorrect operation, it is believed that the government will not approve it. As well as Mr. Peeraphan Saleerathaviphak, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, confirmed that neither he nor Mr. Panpree and the Prime Minister is possessive of Thai territory and confirms that when he was the Minister of Energy will not use national resources Going to exchange border lines even though we know that energy problems are an important issue for the country. that must be prepared Ready to make sure that There is nothing more important than independence. and the territory of the Thai nation Mr. Khamnoon Sittisamarn, member of the Senate Discussed the issue of negotiations over overlapping areas in the Gulf of Thailand between Thailand and Cambodia. He saw that at present there are three approaches: separating the MOU by dividing the benefits of undersea treasures by suspending the boundary matter first. Dividing space into two parts using latitude 11 degrees north to demarcate the upper boundary Share the benefits below. They operate together and cannot be separated. and agreeing on office boundaries along the line before dividing benefits. Therefore, it is demanded that Any decision the government makes will be responsible to the Thai ancestors. and be responsible to Thai children as well, and see that negotiations on boundaries and benefits must be done together Let's know the whole story first. Until gradually agreeing on benefits . Source: Thai News Agency