KUALA LUMPUR, MetaHomes recently had the privilege of taking part in the "Chinese Dragon" large-scale light painting creation event, hosted by world-renowned light painting artist Roy Wang, in Dubai. In a statement, MetaHomes said this collaboration added a touch of Chinese culture to Dubai's vibrant art landscape, further cementing the company' commitment to cultural integration and innovation. This event underscored MetaHomes' commitment to creating a unique cultural and high-quality life service experience for its users. MetaHomes Chief Executive Officer, Jerry Wu said collaborating with Wang has been an incredible opportunity for MetaHomes as his artistic vision and the company's technological innovations together create a unique blend of art and real estate. 'This partnership reflects our ongoing commitment to cultural enrichment and technological advancement," said Wu. Meanwhile, Wang, a dignitary in his field, said participating in this event with MetaHomes has been an extraordinary experience. ' Dubai's unique multicultural character provides an ideal backdrop for artistic innovation, and I am excited to see how our combined efforts will enhance the real estate landscape here,' he added. During the event, MetaHomes highlighted its innovative platform features, including its artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality-powered system, as well as its brand identity, Kylin, a thoughtfully developed cultural AI mascot. As MetaHomes' brand ambassador, Kylin reflects the company's image while drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Chinese traditional culture, in which this mascot serves as a user-friendly guide, empowering clients to make informed and cost-effective real estate decisions. Through this approach, MetaHomes strives to not only offer cutting-edge technological solutions but also foster a welcoming and approachable user experience. Notably, Kylin complements Roy Wang's "Chinese Dragon" light painting work by injecting new life into Dubai's cultural exchanges and symbolising MetaHo mes' innovative approach to real estate solutions. Source: BERNAMA News Agency