KUALA LUMPUR, The Malaysian Indian ethnic communities are set to celebrate their respective New Year festivities, starting with the Telugu community's Ugadi celebration tomorrow (April 9). This will be followed by Vaisakhi, observed by Sikhs on April 13, Chithirai Puthandu (Tamil New Year) celebrated by Tamils, and Vishu cherished by Malayalees, both taking place on April 14. Malaysian Hindu Sangam president T. Ganesan expressed hopes for blessings, opportunities, great health, and prosperity in this year's Tamil New Year, known as the 'Krodhi' year. He mentioned that the auspicious period begins at 10.50 pm on April 13, coinciding with the first day of the Chittirai month (the first month of the Tamil calendar on April 14). "A prayer session will take place at the Sri Sakthi Karpaga Vinayagar Temple in Brickfields on April 14 in the morning, accompanied by traditional activities including Uri Adithal, kolam competition, chess competition, and religious events," Ganesan told Bernama. Meanwhile, Malaysia Telugu Foundation president Datuk R. Kantharao Ackunaidu explained that this year's Ugadi celebration is known as 'Sri Krodhi Nama Ugadi'. He highlighted the significance of Pachadi, a renowned condiment composed of assorted ingredients, symbolising different flavours and aspects of life. "The bitterness of neem flowers, the sweetness of jaggery, the sourness of tamarind, the tanginess of raw mango, and the spiciness of chilies serve as reminders for people to approach life with resilience, positivity, and a balanced outlook," Kantharao added. He also mentioned that the foundation will organise a communal prayer event at Sri Ramar Temple in Selayang on the evening of April 9, featuring rituals, procession, traditional dances, and almsgiving. According to Sikh Naujawan Sabha Malaysia president Paramjeet Singh Jai Singh, Sikhs in the country will celebrate the formation of the Khalsa on April 14. The date commemorates the establishment of the Khalsa, the purified and reconstituted Sikh community, by Guru G obind Singh on March 30, 1699. Paramjeet elaborated that this year's Vaisakhi celebration will feature various activities at Gurdwara Sahib Petaling Jaya, including congregational prayers, singing of spiritual hymns, seminars, displays of Sikh martial arts, a medical camp, and children's tea parties. Meanwhile, Malaysian Hindu Malayalee Cultural and Traditional Association (PAKAR Malayalee Malaysia) president Dr N.R. Nambiar explained the components of Vishu celebrated by the Malayalee community on April 14. "Vishu Kanni, arranged by the eldest female member of the house the night before Vishu, involves setting up auspicious items including a statue of Krishna or Guruayurappan with flowers, fruits, ornaments, coins, clothes, and holy books," said Nambiar. He added that Vishu Kaineetham involves elders offering money to the youngest members of the family, while Vishu Sadya comprises a feast prepared by the entire family with at least eight to ten vegetarian dishes. Source: BERNAMA News Agency