Lime Mortar, Key Traditional Material for Restoration of Brick Temples

Lime mortar is crucial in the construction and restoration of brick temples, as it fills into the joints, and cracks of the bricks to prevent water seepage, according to the APSARA National Authority.

Nowadays, the source continued, the restoration of ancient brick temples still requires the use of lime mortar.

Mrs. Sieng Malinet, 37, has been restoring ancient temples for 20 years and she is one of many women who specialise in making lime mortar. She knows how to make lime mortar from her grandfather and the training sessions at the APSARA National Authority.

Malinet said that she loves the skill of mixing lime mortar according to the traditional formula, and she wants to teach this skill to the next generations, so we can maintain this wonderful heritage.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press