Fishermen in Kemasik here claim that the RM7 million breakwater project implemented by the PAS-led state government has failed to solve the shallow estuary problem they have been facing for the past five years.

Kemasik Fishermen's Association Committee member Rozali Ismail also questioned why the project, which cost a lot of money, was not closely monitored and failed to be fully completed on schedule.

"The RM7 million project failed to prevent the Kemasik estuary from continuing to become shallow while the construction was flawed and there was no monitoring from any state government agency.

"This project has been going on for four years when initially it should take three months. It's been five years now. All you can see are five or six rock structures, when will it be ready? When some fishermen raise this issue, they blame the fishermen," he told reporters in Kuala Kemasik, yesterday.

A local fisherman, Mohd Pilus Awang, 58, said that many of the rocks that were used as breakwaters had already fallen, narrowing the passage for boats in and out of the estuary.

"During a stormy season, the fishermen have difficulty entering the Kemasik estuary and when the ebb is low, we literally have to pull our respective boats out of the estuary akin to oxen pulling goods," he said.

Meanwhile, the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for the Kemasik constituency, Mohd Khairi Afiq Mohd Yusof, said he was aware of the problem of the shallow and narrow estuary faced by the fishermen.

"This is a serious problem...God willing we will try to solve it and give due attention to this narrow estuary problem," he said.

The Terengganu state administration was taken over by PAS after the 14th General Election, after comfortably winning 22 out of 32 state assembly seats, while BN only won 10 seats.

In the upcoming Aug 12 state election, Mohd Khairi Afiq will challenge the incumbent from PAS, Saiful Azmi.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency