ILLIT’s agency sues ADOR’s Min Hee-jin for defamation

The agency of new girl group ILLIT on Wednesday filed a defamation complaint against Min Hee-jin, head of another sublabel under Hybe, for alleging that the girl group plagiarized NewJeans, a top girl group produced by her. Min, CEO of ADOR, claimed during a teary press conference last month that ILLIT's choreography and concept imitated those of NewJeans while refuting Hybe's allegations that she attempted to seize control of her company. "We filed a complaint against CEO Min for making false claims unilaterally against our company and artists and causing damage," Belift Lab said in a statement released to news outlets. Min was specifically accused of obstruction of business and defamation, it added. "We make it clear that the plagiarism allegations raised by Min against our artist ILLIT are not true," Belift Lab said. "We have submitted evidence to the judicial authorities that can prove the accusations are unfounded, and although it may take some time, we will resolve this issue through proper legal p rocedures." Source: Yonhap News Agency