DUBAI, Passengers at Dubai Airport are contending with the aftermath of the city's worst flood in 75 years, which has led to disruptions in luggage retrieval. Media reports said that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) witnessed its heaviest rainfall from late Monday through Tuesday night, surpassing anything documented since the start of data collection in 1949. Suzaliana Samuri, who flew from Kuala Lumpur and arrived in Dubai at 4.30 pm yesterday, told Bernama that she and her friends have still failed to get their luggage today. "There was some confusion when getting information from the Emirates staff here, some said they would find our luggage in less than an hour and some told us to come back later in the evening," said the information technology officer. Suzaliana said she and the group then waited for two hours before deciding to return to their hotel and will return later in the evening, after failing to get their luggage. The group is from various agencies and companies from Malaysia, in participati ng the Kaspersky Cyber Immunity Conference 2024 held at the Museum of the Future, here. Apart from the group, it is understood that many passengers from various destinations have been in the baggage claim section since yesterday for the same purpose. Also participating in the group is CyberSecurity Malaysia Chief Executive Officer Datuk Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab, who is also one of the invited panelists for the conference. Amirudin said he would remained committed to attend the conference and continue with the programme scheduled. "Despite having to wear the same shirt since yesterday at the conference, I will want to continue to join this programme to share the experience and progress achieved by CyberSecurity Malaysia and to promote adaptive security and secure by design approach in sync with the Kaspersky Cyber Immunity's concept," he said. Source: BERNAMA News Agency