Discussion of “Thaksin” issue – Prime Minister visits foreign countries 32 trips

Parliament, "Somchai" points out that "Seththa" flew to visit foreign countries on 32 trips, creating a vacuum in the country for 6 months. He asks for the next 2 months to act as CEO, not a salesman. He believes that Thaksin will be suspended for doing this. People lose faith Ask about visiting Chiang Mai Like a sick person or not? senate meeting In the general discussion under Section 153, Mr. Somchai Sawaeng discussed the issue of traveling abroad by Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. that the Prime Minister has the duty to oversee government administration, security, and solving social problems Being a salesman sells products that are not yet produced. Items that cannot be sold yet And some travel that was explained to the meeting was considered unnecessary. Because national leaders of the ASEAN region There is no need for everyone to join. The relevant Deputy Prime Minister can be assigned to replace him. 'It is expected that the Prime Minister has promised to stay and run th e government as CEO within the country without traveling for another 2 months from now. He asked to stay an additional 4 months to 6 months, hoping that he would concentrate on performing his duties. Because of 32 trips abroad, I was unable to sit at the head of the cabinet meeting in economic, security and social matters, which there was none at all. Therefore, there was a vacuum for 6 months,' Mr. Somchai said. Mr. Somchai said that the reason for the discussion was Even though the budget hasn't been released yet. It is considered your own fault. Because it has been nearly 8 months since the cabinet was established, and the old cabinet had already completed preparing the budget. If he were the Prime Minister, he would immediately present the draft bill to the House of Representatives to enter the amendment process in the House. It will make important money to drive the economy since 4 months ago. Therefore, the budget delay is the fault of the Cabinet itself. "Prime Minister Still very obsessed with digit al wallets Even though it's not worth it. Don't continue to be stubborn. A loan of 500 billion baht involves pounding chili paste into a river. Risk of breaking the law Thailand has been stuck in the trap of developing countries for more than 50 years, not developing at all. Using only the populist policy of handing out only In the end, I had to borrow it to give away. Therefore, please stop borrowing money to distribute. Because it destroys the country,' Mr. Somchai said. Mr. Somchai also discussed the issue of injustice in the justice process, saying that today he felt that This country lacks justice. The crisis of justice has deteriorated to the utmost. The Prime Minister has important responsibilities as head of government. Being the chairman of the Police Commission Controlling the Royal Thai Police Controlling the police hospital and controls the Ministry of Justice Even if the people don't speak But he felt there was a double standard of justice. 'Some people call it unremarkable. Do the 200,000 pris oners in prison receive the same treatment? Today there is no need for a court. Remaining only the Department of Corrections, which claims rules and regulations, which the Director-General of the Department of Corrections edits until there are gaps. But the law stipulates that prisoners who will be punished must be of good behavior. Help with government work Therefore, I would like to ask what conditions does Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra meet? Today, he does not want to offend Mr. Thaksin. because it is considered not a mistake He supports returning the country to the justice process. After 17 years of escaping corruption cases, today what needs to be discussed is the problem of imposing punishments that arises in the system, both political and bureaucratic. Whoever does it will be responsible,' Mr. Somchai said. At the same time, Mr. Somchai also opened a video clip of the situation at which Mr. Thaksin was in the area of ??Chiang Mai province and asked about sitting up and using his right hand to hang onto a gol f cart. Is this really the same as tendon sprain? Walking up the steps of Doi Suthep and also watering and plowing the soil at the World Horticultural Fair represents strength I must congratulate you. In this regard, he inquired with many adult medical doctors and deans. Some gave up to 30 points as being considered strong. Therefore, I would like to praise the police hospital. Previously, the prisoner would receive a suspended sentence. Will serve the sentence for not less than 1 in 3 or 6 months, be 70 years of age or older, and have congenital disease. But there was an amendment from the words "and" to "or" which caused the country to cheat. Just 70 years of age and you can go home. 'I would like to say that this matter is a complete shakeup of the justice system. Today he did not come to discuss distrust of the government. Because I don't have rights. But the people will not trust you. This loss of faith will go deep for a long time. He was worried that there would be a crisis of faith. And it will lead to a tsunami that is difficult to fix. The people who will be held responsible are government officials and political parties who go to benefit,' Mr. Somchai. Said.- Source: Thai News Agency