Dare to eat fried rice with basil and fried egg in Surin together.

Parliament, "Bhoomtham" confirms rice inspection at Surin warehouse is not a drama, denies arguing that rice will not be of good quality in just 5 years. But I dare you to go to the area and open the sacks and look at them together. I will bring rice to stir fry with basil and fried eggs for you to taste. Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce In an interview where there was an argument that rice stored for only 5 years in a warehouse may not be of good quality, he said that there was nothing to clarify in this matter. If spoken without taking into account many factors, there may be conflicts. Storing rice in a warehouse that he went to inspect following a complaint in Surin Province If stored well, there is no problem. But if it is not well preserved, it is something that has to be noticed. To give an opinion, one must look at what kind of philosopher one is. Confirm that the rice that was inspected Seal and keep it well. Every month the warehouse will be opened and inspec ted by the relevant officials. Fumigate every month to maintain the condition of the rice. 'Confirm that the area went to inspect. I don't act in dramas. Look in front of the officer Open and watch together. Bring the rice for inspection and test cooking. Always take video. If there is a problem, if anyone is suspicious, please come and make a statement and travel with me to investigate. I'll cook rice for you to eat and stir-fried basil with fried eggs to wait. I'd be happy to check it out. Don't just pick up on some of the things talked about or thought about or done. that does not take into account the environment And to say things like this is not fair to reality,' Mr. Phumtham said. Source: Thai News Agency