Cambodia Ranks 15th among Highest Average IQ Countries in the World

Cambodians have been considered to have high IQ (Intelligence Quotient), a means to measure the cognitive capabilities of any individual.

In its recent 2023 release, the World Population Review ranked Cambodia 15th with an average IQ of 99.75, just behind China’s Macau (99.82) and before Canada (99.52).

According to the same source, Japan was crowned the highest average IQ in the world with a score of 106.48, followed by China's Taiwan at 106.47 and Singapore at 105.89.

At the bottom of the list are Nepal ranked 199th, Liberia 198th and Sierra Leone 197th, it added.

In addition, the World Population Review pointed out, Cambodia's population is projected to reach more than 22 million by 2069, up from more than 16 million currently.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press