Travel Restrictions Imposed in the Country for Two Weeks to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

Cambodia has announced to restrict the travel inside the country for 14 days, starting from 00:00 on April 7 to 20.
The decision is aimed to contain and prevent the spread of COVID-19 pandemic from one province to another, underlined a government’s order issued this evening, adding that Phnom Penh capital and Kandal province are considered one area, not under the restriction scope.
Land, water and rail goods transport; travel of civil servants for their daily work and of armed forces on duty; transport of migrant workers from abroad to their home town for quarantine; ambulances; fire engines; garbage trucks; workers’ transport to their workplaces; and people’s travel to the nearest hospital or health centre with not more than 4 people for each case are not included in the travel restrictions.
In addition, the government ordered the temporary closure of tourist resorts across the country, also for two weeks from 00:00 on April 7 to 20.
During this period, continued the order, the municipal and provincial administrations must take necessary measures to control and ensure security, safety and public order as well as strict respect of health preventive measure in their geographical areas.
They are given the power to control, restrict or ban the travel in cities, districts, Khan or communes, Sangkat or villages or any areas under their jurisdiction, stressed the order.
As of this morning, Cambodia’s total confirmed cases increased to 2,824, of which 1,794 have successfully recovered, with 22 deaths recorded.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press