Sustainable Cambodia, Vietnam Transboundary Groundwater Management Discussed

A project on enhancing the sustainability of transboundary groundwater management between Cambodia’s Mekong River lowland and Vietnam’s Mekong River delta so-called PIF has been discussed.
The discussion took place early this week via Videoconference under the coordination between the Ministry of Environment’s Environmental Knowledge and Information General Department and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations.
Many officials, experts, researchers and representatives from concerned ministries and institutions and development partners joined the virtual meeting.
The meeting was intended to collect inputs to develop a comprehensive project document in line with existing national policies and development strategies to better the locals’ living standard.
According to H.E. Choup Paris, Director General of Environmental Knowledge and Information General Department, the project will also strengthen the sustainable environmental safeguard and security of the Mekong River basin.
PIF will include analysing groundwater potentials and impacts of ecosystem resolving through the implementation of pilot project for better groundwater management.
Transboundary management mechanism and collaboration, preparation of joint strategic plans and action for Cambodia and Vietnam, and capacity building for concerned entities and officials will also covered.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press