SamdechHengSamrin Re-elected NA President

The 125 newly-elected lawmakers voted as a package by raising hands to elect the National Assembly (NA)'s leadership and to give confidence to the new cabinet ministers, during the first session of the NA's sixth legislature held here this morning at the NA Palace.

SamdechAkkaMohaPonheaChakreiHengSamrin was re-elected as the President of NA, H.E. NguonNhil as the First Vice President and H.E. Ms. KhuonSudary as the Second Vice President.

On behalf of the sixth legislature of NA, SamdechHengSamrin pledged to continue enhancing democracy, strengthen the rule of law, and protect the people's and nation's interests.

The leadership of the 10 NA's specialised commissions was also endorsed on the occasion.

Moreover, they also unanimously approved the formation of the new five-year-term royal government under the leadership of SamdechAkkaMohaSenaPadeiTecho Hun Sen. The new cabinet ministers will take oath at the Royal Palace this afternoon.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press