RELLECIGA Lace Bikinis, A Taste of Luxury, Lifestyle and Living

NEW YORK, July 21, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — RELLECIGA Swimwear now graces the cover of Taste of Singer Island, a famous American magazine. On it, the cover girl, Margaret Streeter, a popular fashionista in Florida, wears a RELLECIGA lace bikini and enjoys the sea water along Singer Island. As a big fan of RELLECIGA Swimwear, she strongly recommends RELLECIGA to fashion lovers and expresses her gratitude to RELLECIGA for creating these fabulous bikinis!

As a popular magazine in Florida, Taste of Singer Island captures the vibrant lifestyle of Singer Island nestled in Palm Beach, a myriad of resorts, beaches, marine life, culture and endless possibilities. It devotes itself to providing helpful information for fashion lovers on breathtaking Singer Island. It is so popular among fashionistas that its distribution is quite robust in both local and international markets!

As the cover girl of Taste of Singer Island, Margaret Streeter fell in love with RELLECIGA lace bikinis the first time she saw them. She then went ahead and collected almost all of the classic styles of the RELLECIGA Lace Collection, such as the zebra & red lace, flag print & red lace, black & green lace, neon yellow & red lace, colorful wave print & yellow lace, and so on. “These lace bikinis are so amazing! I really love them! Thank you for creating these fabulous bikinis,” says Margaret.

This time, Taste of Singer Island invited her to be its cover girl. Margaret decided to take this chance to express her passionate love for RELLECIGA & Singer Island, which echoes this popular magazine’s concept — to taste luxury, lifestyle and living! She wears one of her favorite RELLECIGA lace bikinis, tastes the clear waters and soaks up the warm sunshine along Singer Island beach.

Lace originated in Europe and was an exclusive luxury for royals and dignitaries for about 200 years. Now lace is synonymous with elegance, femininity, and beauty. As a fashion pioneer, RIDI (RELLECIGA Industry Design Institute) provides top-grade experiences for fashion lovers, by perfectly combining fashionable bikinis with various lace patterns including zebra, floral, leopard, etc. Whether you are beach-bound or lounging poolside, you can definitely find your favorite lace bikini in the RELLECIGA Lace Collection!

“In a word, it’s unforgettable! RELLECIGA lace brings out my feminine glamour on the sand effortlessly!” says Anna Brown, a big fan of RELLECIGA Lace Collection. “I just can’t help myself each time when new lace styles come out from RELLECIGA. Now there are about 18 lace bikinis in my wardrobe!”

Summer is still here and it is still not too late to find your favorite RELLECIGA lace bikinis! Give it a whirl, have a taste of luxury, lifestyle and living, and you will never regret it!

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