MELAKA, The Rahmah sale, which offers lower prices for daily necessities than the market, has become one of the community's choices to save on family expenses.

A Bernama survey at a supermarket offering the Rahmah Sale in Ayer Keroh today found that people took advantage of buying various wet and dry items offered.

Among the food items on offer include chicken sold at RM9.99 per bird, seabass (RM3.99 each), sweet potatoes (RM1.59 per kilogramme), a five kg bottle of cooking oil (RM22.99), a tray of grade D eggs (RM9.29 ) as well as 10 kg of imported rice (RM32.99).

A private sector employee, Siti Anum Che Ab Wahab, 34, from Klebang, said that she has always waited for the Rahmah sale to be held, at any location, to buy daily essentials.

“With the current economic uncertainties, the Rahmah sale is very helpful for people to get daily necessities at competitive prices.

“It is the middle of the month now and expenses need to be saved, so the Rahmah sale really helps my family and I to save about RM100 a month,” she told Bernama.

Sharing her sentiment is civil servant Norzela Sabudin, 47, from Durian Tunggal, Alor Gajah, who said that the Rahmah sale really helped her to buy food items at a cheaper price than the current selling price.

She has been following the Facebook page of the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Living Costs (KPDN) for the latest information on the Rahmah Sales schedule.

“The Rahmah sale really helps a lot, especially to get kitchen items at a cheaper price.

“For example, in today’s sale, chickens are sold for RM10 per bird regardless of weight. The chickens are also medium in size, enough to eat for two or three days, for a family of five like mine,” she said.

Source: BERNAMA News Agency