NEC: 20 Political Parties To Compete in 6th National Election

The National Election Committee (NEC) yesterday announced that in total, 20 political parties will join the general elections in July.

Those political parties, including the ruling Cambodian People's Party (CPP), Cambodian Youth Party, Cambodian Nationality Party, Khmer National United Party, FUNCINPEC Party, Khmer United Party, Grassroots Democracy Party, New Light Party, Beehive Social Democratic Party, League for Democracy Party, Khmer Anti-Poverty Party, Thama Thippatay Party, Democratic Republic Party, Our Motherland Party, Khmer Rise Party, Khmer Economic Development Party, Khmer Will Party, Khmer Republican Party, Rasmei Khemra Party, and Cambodia Indigenous People Democracy Party, have been recognised officially by NEC for the upcoming election.

According to NEC, the next step is the lucky draw to determine the order of the registered parties on ballot paper.

Cambodia will organise the sixth national election on July 29, 2018, and NEC has already announced the period for the political campaign that will fall from July 7 to 27.

In the previous national election on July 28, 2013, eight political parties took part in the election � CPP, the dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party, the royalist FUNCINPEC Party, League for Democracy Party, Cambodian Nationality Party, Democratic Republic Party, Khmer Anti-Poverty Party, and Khmer Economic Development Party.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press