MEDITEXPO JIANGSU 2015 to be Held in Changzhou in September

CHANGZHOU, China, April 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The huge potential for China’s medical device marke4t is contributed by a booming economy, a rising health awareness, an aging population, a continuous upgrading of medical devices, and a year-on-year increase of investment in China’s medical device industry. As one of the biggest medical device industrial base in China, Jiangsu is becoming the most important market for the local and overseas medical device companies to invest. Jiangsu International Medical Technology Expo 2015 (MEDITEXPO JIANGSU 2015) , which will be held at Changzhou West Taihu Lake International Expo Center on September 24-26, is the most expectable event of this year and is getting a lot of attentions since it was launched.

press conference on-site

press conference on-site

In 2015, the size of China’s medical device market is expected to exceed RMB300 billion. Jiangsu Province is home to 2,450 medical device manufacturers and 14,061 medical device businesses, accounting for 20% of the national total; in 2013, the output of Jiangsu’s medical device industry totaled nearly RMB50 billion. The development trend of Jiangsu’s medical device industry will have a direct impact on the industry as whole in China. Jiangsu has more than 31,000 healthcare institutions, and the number of hospitals ranks second in the country; its annual healthcare expenditure reached RMB154.3 billion, ranking third in the country, and the province has a huge demand for medical products and services.

Changzhou is an important medical device industrial base in the Yangtze River Delta, and boasts of 329 medical instrument manufacturers and 1,970 enterprises, ranking first in Jiangsu. Changzhou West Taihu Lake International Medical Industrial Park is the first of its kind to have been approved in China, and also the only national innovation park dedicated to medical instrument industry that is recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. In the future, the Park will lead the continuing expansion of Jiangsu’s medical instrument industry, and work towards producing high-end and smart products. It’s on the basis of such a huge demand and a solid industrial foundation that Changzhou is chosen to host MEDITEXPO JIANGSU 2015. This event, organized by UBM China and Changzhou International Medical Instrument City, supported by a large number of administrative departments and other relevant organizations

The press conference of MEDITEXPO JIANGSU 2015 was successfully held at dusitD2 Fudu Binhu Changzhou Hotel in February. Present at the event were leaders from Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration, Changzhou Food and Drug Administration, Changzhou Wujin District Government, Changzhou Wujin District Health Bureau, Disaster Medicine Committee of China Society for Integrated Chinese- and Western-medicine Treatment, China Association for Medical Device Industry, Jiangsu Association for Medical Device Industry, Changzhou Association for Medical Device Industry, Changzhou National Medical Instrument International Innovation Park, Changzhou International Medical Equipment City, and UBM China. Guests to the event also included officials from the Consulate General of the UK in Shanghai, representatives from German Industry & Commerce Great China, more than 40 representatives from industrial media outlets, and over 60 industry insiders.

MEDITEXPO JIANGSU 2015 is expected to be participated by over 800 medical device enterprises from home and abroad. The exhibition area will be around 30,000 square meters, and professional visitors are expected to exceed 30,000 person times. The Exhibition will not only showcase the latest medical products and technologies from home and abroad, promote regional purchase and business cooperation in medical field, but present a model of exhibition different from traditional ones, in which the exhibitors can enjoy various industrial services on R&D, channel expansion, product registration, funding, etc., and get information on relevant policies, bidding and tendering, market forecasts and latest industrial trends.

MEDITEXPO JIANGSU 2015 will host multiple high-end academic forums and industrial meetings ,which will build a networking platform for medical device professionals to learn new information and knowledge, get to know their industrial peers, and seek cooperation.

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