Khmer New Year Public Holidays Allowed, but with Preventive Measures

All officials and personnel of the state institutions are allowed to have three days off during the forthcoming Khmer Traditional New Year as stated in the list of public holidays for civil servants, employees and workers in 2021, according to a government’s directive released this afternoon.
For staff, workers, employees of the private sector, they also can have the three days off during the New Year or along with the Pchum Ben Festival in October or any other upcoming public holidays, based on the agreement with their employers and in line with the Labour Law, said the directive.
Competent ministries-institutions and local authorities are instructed to take necessary measures to mange and ensure security, safety and public order as well as the strict respect of health safety rules at public areas, particularly pagodas, resorts and crowded areas, it added.
On the other hand, the same source continued, the public are required not to go to COVID-19 high-risk areas determined by the Ministry of Health and relevant authorities, not to organise any ceremonies, including the religious ones, or large gatherings, and to strictly follow the “3 Dos and 3 Don’ts” measure as well as other necessary health measures.
The government also called on all transport companies not to increase the transport fees during the New Year holidays and to apply the health safety rules for their passengers.
This year, Cambodian people are going to celebrate their Traditional New Year from April 14 to 16.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press