Cambodia Turns Down Reports on Imported Arms Impounded in Thailand

Ministry of National Defence has turned down some Thai reports saying that impounded weapons found in a pickup truck in Trat province of Thailand were imported from Cambodia, according to a local media report.

The rejection was made recently by Gen. Chhum Socheat, Spokesperson for the Ministry of National Defence, following what he called the groundless reports.

Competent Thai authorities, on April 11, discovered and impounded a number of arms from the said pickup driven by a Thai in Trat � the country's province that shares border with Cambodia.

The source cited the confession of the driver that he was bringing the weapons for a customer living in another province of Thailand called Saraburi.

The confiscated weapons include two Tavor assault rifles, four M16 rifles and 36 pieces of this arms model, and three torches.

As indicated by Gen. Chhum Socheat, Cambodia does not own the mentioned types of weapons and the baseless reports are not acceptable.

Source: Agency Kampuchea Press