Cambodia Holds 6th National Farmer Forum

Two hundred (200) participants who are farmers from five regions, development partners, private sectors, local and international organizations, and government officials gathered here today at the 6th National Farmer Forum under the theme "Women Farmer Champions in Agriculture."

Dr. Tek Vannara, Executive Director of the NGO Forum on Cambodia, said the forum aimed to empower small landholder farmers, especially women participants, to discuss and develop their common interests and to bring their voices to the national government, policy makers and development partners.

It is also an opportunity for significant stakeholders to discuss on policy issues in support of smallholder farmers on how they could get access to water, capital and reliable markets for agricultural products, he said, adding that the organizers have faith this would help strengthening the collaboration and partnership between farmers, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), private sector and the Royal Government.

"As one amongst the selected outstanding women farmers, I can see how necessary this event is to us and our job at the farm," Ms. Song Chandai, Woman Famer Champoin from Hun Stung district, Stung Treng province. "It's not only helping us in our farm work, but it is a chance to promote women participants to the public. We are human being with equal rights to men and we deserve respect and income for the same work that we do, regardless of farm or the housework."

Source: AKP