PPP to expand free lunch at senior citizen centers, home health care service

SEOUL, The ruling People Power Party (PPP) said Tuesday it will expand free lunch programs for old people at senior citizen centers and medical treatment services at their homes. The PPP unveiled the campaign pledge ahead of the April 10 parliamentary election that focuses on increasing welfare of the elder population that is growing dramatically. The first phase of the PPP's plan involves providing free lunches for the older population at senior welfare centers nationwide and increasing the number of such facilities in phase. The main opposition Democratic Party proposed a similar election pledge earlier. In addition, the PPP aims to expand care services for seniors, irrespective of their income, allowing them the flexibility to choose and use these services according to their preferences. To alleviate the financial burden on children responsible for nursing fees, the party proposed offering tax credits. Furthermore, the PPP intends to extend medical services for seniors at their residence, enabling t hose living in remote areas and facing mobility challenges to receive basic treatment. "The party will establish legal frameworks at both central and local government levels for ensuring a healthy and dignified retirement in each person's own place," the PPP said in a press release. Additionally, the PPP pledges to provide location detectors for every senior suffering from dementia as part of its comprehensive plan to support the increasing number of such patients. Source: Yonhap News Agency