Police book 372 in Seoul over alleged election law violations

A total of 372 people have been booked in Seoul for investigation for alleged election irregularities, and 17 of them have been referred to the prosecution for possible indictment, the Seoul police chief said Monday. Of the total, 140 people were booked on charges of spreading false propaganda, and 36 people on charges related to accepting bribery, while 31 others were acquitted, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Commissioner Cho Ji-ho told reporters. Cho said they plan to wrap up the investigation within the next three months. Police said they have also booked 10 people accused of creating or distributing a fabricated video of President Yoon Suk Yeol apologizing for corruption and incompetence ahead of the general elections. One of them was accused of the video while the rest were charged with spreading it. Police have already questioned six of them, with plans to interrogate the rest on the motive or method of distribution, within this week. Source: Yonhap News Agency